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General Information:

IGU Thematic Moscow Conference 2018 conference payment system is provided by LLC «Innovative biotechnology»


Legal address: Russian Federation, 117418, Moscow, Zyuzinskaya St., 3.
Postal address: Russian Federation, 119571, Moscow, Leninsky str., 152, building 2, quarter 127.
Phone: +7 (495) 285-62-26


TIN 7727645766
KPP 772701001
PSRN 1087746388300
OKPO 85687286
OKVED 01.1

Bank account:

Account No. 407 028 103 381 8 0000 796
Vernadsky department No. 7970 JSC Sberbank of Russia.
A BIC 044525225, Corr. Account No. 30101810400000000225 in the OPERA of the Moscow GTU of the Bank of Russia.

Currency account (USD):

Account No. 407 028 403 381 8 0000 782
transit account 407 028 409 381 8 1000 783 in the Moscow bank JSC Sberbank of Russia,
BIC 044525225, Corr. Account No. 30101810400000000225 in the OPERA Moscow,
TIN 77007083893,
KPP 775003035.

Privacy policy

By providing with your personal data, you give LOC your express agreement to use the transmitted personal data only for conference organization purposes. The personal data transmitted are registered in a database held by and under the responsibility of LOC and LLC «Innovtive biotechnology». This data will be used exclusively for the creation and publication of a database with the participants delegate profiles, information regarding the particular event, conference or workshop at hand, including practical information, slides and related documentation and follow-up information, information regarding the in connection with the organization of conferences, workshops or events, creation and maintenance of a contacts database. Your Registration Data will not be shared with online retail merchants or merchants in other transactions.

Payment methods

Participants of the IGU Thematic Moscow Conference 2018 accredited domain name registrar can pay via Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Payment by VISA

All MasterCard are accepted except for Visa Electron. Please contact your emitting bank regarding possibility to pay by Visa Electron.

Payment by MasterCardPayment by MasterCard

All MasterCard are accepted except for Maestro.

Necessary information to proceed with payment

  1. Card number — the number of your bank card which is embossed on the card itself and is specified in the owner signature field.
  2. CVV code for VISA / CVC code for MAsterCard — a three-digit ident-printed code at the end of the card number in the signature field.
  3. Card owner — first and last names of the card owner in capital letters exactly as printed on the plastic card.
  4. Expiry date (month/year) — expiration date of the card specified on it.

How to pay

In order to pay, you will be redirected to Sberbank of Russia (Sberbank Rossii) terminal. Please indicate here your card details. The connection is done according to 128-bit encryption protocol SSL. If the currency of your card is not Russian Federation rubles, the amount to be charged from your card will be converted at the exchange rate of the payment system to which your card belongs (Visa, MasterCard, etc).

In case of acceptance Verified By VISA and MasterCard SecureCode technologies by emitting bank, please be ready to provide a specified password for the payment processing. The payment processing is up to 20 minutes. If you are unable to finalize the procedure within this time limit or due to cancelation of payment, you should retry payment. Payments by bank card are processed by Sberbank of Russia (Sberbank Rossii) processing center. The LOC of the IGU Thematic Moscow Conference “Рractical geography and XXI century challenges” has no access to your card information, which can only be decoded by the processing center. The information would not be delivered to third parties. The payment policy is according to Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl. requirements If you card to not have CVC/CVV your card is not valid for CNP transactions

Cancellation policy

In case of cancelation of you attending of Conference please take into account following rules: Until 30 April 2018 – 100 $ administrative fee will be deducted from the refund After 30 April 2018 – no refund can be processed under any circumstances If you have any questions, concerning your registration and payment, or in case of payment cancellation, please contact the LOC via e-mail:


Scientific Secretary of the Conference: Alexander Sebentsov, PhD

119017, Moscow

Staromonetny pereulok, 29

Institute of geography RAS